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– Priscilla Smith

“As a full time 5th Year Medical Student and fitness enthusiast I initially found it challenging to source a supplement that fulfills my mind’s demanding necessities. However, the social media attraction surrounding zyora’s products prompted me to try them for myself. To maintain peak mental agility I have ardently been supplementing with zykrill for 2 months. It’s rich in phospholipids and omega-3, which have significantly promoted my mental health and resulted in enhanced cognition, whilst still providing a constant release of energy, regardless of whether I’m consulting with patients at 10pm, whilst on-call at the hospital or conquering the treadmill at 5am. Swift recollection of information, overall enriched vitality, reduced fatigue and improved academic results are a few of the numerous benefits I have experienced by simply taking 1 capsule of zykrill each morning. The best part is, unlike most omega-3 containing products it has no fish odor or aftertaste! In the modern woman’s world, which is undeniably a whirlwind of multitasking, zykrill is my supplement of choice.”

– Sumeshnee Chetty

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– Tersia Moller

“I recently got diagnosed with early osteoarthritis, this is extremely painful. I was not able to move around as I used to, getting up from my chair was extremely painful, I tried all sorts of medication, but could find any cure! I eventually came across zyora healthcare for women, I contacted them immediately and they referred me to Ackermans Pharmacy, they were the only supplier at the time. I rushed there and bought the last tub of zyflex. I started using it and within a week I noticed that my knees were a lot more flexible than before. Needless to say, zyflex has become a daily MUST HAVE in my life, with a couple of other zyora products.”

– Trudy Jones

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– Andrea Aroomoogam

“I am a runner and frequently run races. During races, I normally “push” a little harder, which means that after the race my muscles get a bit stiff. I find that if I take zyfit before bed, after a race as well as the next morning, recovery is so much faster! I have also been giving my son the zykrill and zyvit to help with concentration in school and I must say that I am starting to see a difference in his school work.”

– Yolika Muscat

“zyfer has definitely been helping me stay energized during the day and I do feel the boost. I am currently traveling in Thailand and these were the first supplements I packed!”

 – Lisa Stemmet

“I’ve been using zyfer for about 6 weeks now and I am so satisfied with the results. My nails have started growing again (not brittle anymore) and my hair is not falling out like a few weeks ago. I no longer have a fatigue and am up before my alarm goes off in the morning. Ladies, I can really recommend it!”

– Elaine Kruger

“A few years ago I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis as I broke the same arm twice in 7 weeks.  Ever since then I’ve been on medication. Then I saw a comp on this page on Facebook and entered. I won a month’s supply of zyosteo (Calcium & Magnesium) in October. When I received it I took it once a day as indicated. I felt a difference so I went out and bought another month’s supply. So thank you once again for choosing me as a winner …”

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