5 Secrets to Rejuvenate Beauty over 40

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The good news is that all the symptoms of aging, from lines and wrinkles, to hair loss to memory loss, are not a predetermined inevitability based on our genetic blueprints.  YAY!

Actually, only 10 percent of diseases of aging is caused by genes, and the other 90 percent is lifestyle.

Basically, experts say that genetics loads the gun, but the environment pulls the trigger!

What this means, is that we actually have an extraordinary amount of control over our “good years” and the grace with which we age on the inside and on the outside.

Since I am over 40, I sincerely believe in the mantra “life begins at 40” and I will share with you my reasons why.

To me, below are the five key factors which make aging more pronounced after forty, leading to inflammatory aging—an unfortunate hybrid of increasing inflammation, stiffness, and accelerated aging.

First let’s discuss inflammation as the root of all evil.  Chronic inflammation can be extremely harmful to your health and it is the underlying cause of major degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Inflammation is linked to obesity which can cause inflammation and in turn, high levels of inflammation can make weight loss more difficult. Inflammation can be reflected in your skin through visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It also contributes to inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.




1.     Hydration

Water is essential for the body to sweat and release toxins. Exposure to toxins is one huge factor in chronic inflammation! On a daily basis, we are exposed to a list of toxins without even knowing it. Hydrating effectively is one of the key strategies to make sure the body is able to effectively detox.  Water cleanses toxic waste from various parts of the body and carries it to the liver and kidneys for removal.  It also prevents loss of memory as you age and lessens addictive cravings for caffeine and alcohol.  A study by the University of Washington found that 1 glass of water stopped hunger pangs for 100% of dieters.    In general, the more hydrated you are, the less inflammation will be present in your body..

2.     Daily Movement

Something that I’ve noticed as I learn more about the human body is that you have to keep things moving. This applies to just about every organ system including the bowels, urinary tract, sweat glands, circulatory system, lymphatics, and even your muscles. Keeping these systems flowing is what keeps them healthy!  Daily exercise is great for delivering fresh blood to your tissues as it lowers inflammation and helps to flush away metabolic by-products and provide essential nutrients to inflamed tissues.

Benefits of movement are:

  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Enhances oxygen deliver to the tissues
  • Balances key brain “feel good” neurotransmitters
  • Reduces stress and tension in the body
  • Improves mood and feelings of happiness
  • Enhances mental clarity and memory

The muscle factor:  Your metabolism slows down with age, which means you accumulate more fat and lose muscle. On average, you lose 2.3kg’s of muscle every decade after age thirty. If your muscles are replaced with fat, you lose your strength.  Make it a priority in your daily life to make sure you are moving your body as much as possible. Go for walks, stretch, and get adequate exercise as it is  also a huge way to reduce stress.

3.     Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

One of the most prominent sources of inflammation in our society has got to be the diet. If you want to rid your body of inflammation you need to start thinking about what you are putting into your body.  Many people go about their days thinking they are eating healthy when all they are really doing is flooding their body with substances that is putting their body in a constant state of inflammation. At the same time, many people are consuming foods that are hard to digest and lead to inflammation in the gut.

So let’s talk about “The Gut Factor”  and aging and inflammation.  About 70 percent of your immune system lies beneath your gut lining, so it’s where, if your immune system is overstimulated, excess inflammation and even autoimmune conditions can start. High stress can make you absorb nutrients poorly, especially B vitamins, which you need for converting food (carbohydrates, fats, protein) into fuel, making DNA in your cells, keeping nerves and blood cells healthy, preventing anaemia, fatigue, and premenstrual syndrome, producing serotonin for mood and melatonin for sleep (and breast cancer risk reduction) and to control levels of inflammation in the blood, as measured by biomarkers such as homocysteine.  Thus, imbalances in your gut microbiome is sometimes the root of most diseases and may accelerate the aging process.

With age, your cells also become increasingly insensitive to the hormone insulin, which leads to rising blood sugar in the morning. As a result of higher blood sugar, you may feel foggier and experience stronger cravings for carbs, then notice more skin wrinkling along with an older-looking facial appearance. The right nutritious food and the way you  prepare your food, sleep, exercise and detoxification support can reverse many of these age-related problems.




4.     Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep

Chronic stress causes rampant increases in inflammatory biomarkers called cytokines. If we don’t do anything to control our stress, then this cytokine activity can be highly damaging over time. Chronically elevated pro-inflammatory cytokine markers are especially bad for the immune system, opening the doors to opportunistic infections and increasing our chances of coming down with an illness.  Your neurons (nerve cells) lose speed and flexibility as you age. Your hippocampus (the part of your brain involved in memory creation and emotional control) may shrink, especially if you’re stressed. To keep stress levels down, is the key to keeping your brain regenerating and malleable as you get older.

One of the best ways to counteract the stressors of daily life is really getting the best sleep possible. During sleep, your brain flushes out metabolic debris and the body is put into a deep healing state. Chronic stress on top of poor sleep is a recipe for rapid degeneration of health and aging.

Optimizing sleep has a lot to do with regulating your circadian rhythm. Your body is designed to be awake when the sun is up and asleep when the sun is down. With so many artificial light sources, the body no longer receives the right signals for sleep.


Effects of sleep deprivation


5.     Advanced Supplementation

In addition to the strategies listed so far, there are certain supplements that have been shown to be powerful modulators of inflammation and aging. Getting older can be an emotional challenge to overcome, and sometimes we need all the help we can get to put us over the hump and on our way to optimal health once again.

When it comes to healthier, stronger and shinier hair, hydrated and supple skin, and strong nails, it is important to take supplements that work!  Collagen is the rage right now, but do you know where your collagen comes from and does it have clinical studies to show it actually works?  Are the ingredients in your supplement enough to make a difference, or are they listed just for show?  These are the questions I urge to ask yourself when choosing a supplement for beauty or anti-aging.

My hairdresser always asks me what my secret weapon is, as she has never seen a client’s hair that grows as fast and as thick as mine does (and I am 42 years old). And I say- “you are what you absorb”.

I ensure I take a patented collagen formula with clinical studies on women over 40, that is also packed with ultra-pure omega-3 fatty acids, super high levels of biotin (which is essential for helping hair grow & for growing strong, healthy nails), zinc (anti-inflammatory, heals & rejuvenates skin), astaxanthin (clinically proven to enhance overall skin health by improving skin moisture, elasticity and reducing wrinkles) and grape seed extract, which is strong antioxidant, protects the skin from free radical damage, inhibits enzymes involved in the destruction of collagen and improves capillary permeability and strength so it helps to tone and tighten your skin.  I know it’s a long list, but that is why I take my time in choosing the perfect supplement that is going to work for me.

And it’s not just about inner nutrition to keep the aging process under control, but it’s also about the outer nutrition.  UVA and UVB light are detrimental to your skin’s aging process, that is why I do not leave my bathroom without putting on my anti-aging sunblock protection.  UVA rays are the most dangerous rays, and they can penetrate glass in your car and windows at home.  The sun isn’t the only thing in our environment that causes skin damage, but other elements that contribute towards premature ageing include smoke, pollution, wind, heat, cold, and artificial heating and cooling. These elements double the rate at which your skin ages and harm the skin because they produce free radicals, which cause chronic skin inflammation at a cellular level. This irritation leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin, increasing the appearance of fine line, wrinkles and age spots.

In Summary

So ensure as part of your beauty routine, you add an anti-aging sunscreen as a MUST all year round!

So besides the 5 physical things you can do, what also keeps your mind and soul young is to maximize the peace and relationships in your life. Take time each day to breathe deeply. And keep your mind focused on gratitude for everything.

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